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Actuary Scholarships for Actuarial Science Students

actuary scholarships
Actuary Scholarships for Actuarial Science Students

Actuary scholarships for actuarial science students is a smart choice for those who show an interest in this field of study. There are many reasons for this but the biggest is actuary students who major in the actuarial sciences will have a high paying job waiting for them upon graduation.

This is after all what its all about when students look to attend college in the first place – a good paying job!

*Median yearly salary of an actuary in 2010 was $87,650.

Even in a slow economy the hiring of actuaries is strong with the highest starting salaries of ANY major at colleges who sponsor this curriculum.

Most students if asked wouldn’t know what an actuary is, or what actuarial science classes they would have to take to become one. It’s little known in most academia circles on campus but a well-kept secret at that!

The classes a student would be required to take if they did in fact receive actuarial science scholarships would be math, statistics, business along with financial theory. Since actuaries assess risk, these classes would be the tools needed to accomplish their risk analysis for their jobs wherever they worked.

Actuary scholarships for minority students are fast becoming popular and there is a diversity actuary scholarship from the Actuarial Foundation which sponsors many actuary science scholarships for minorities. The main arm of this Foundation is ‘Be An Actuary’. They support actuary students educationally giving them the information on how to get started in the actuarial sciences – including scholarships. They have outstanding support tools for becoming actuaries.

Colleges that provide actuary scholarships

There are specific colleges that offer actuarial scholarships and this seems to be growing yearly. Below are just a few but their are many more colleges opening up their actuary science programs every day.

  • One such college is Drake college in Des Moines, IA.
  • The Actuarial Science program at the Wisconsin School of Business is another one too.
  • Actuarial science scholarships from Illinois State University has a wide variety to choose from which is always good to see. The more student aid awards the better chance to win one.
  • The University of Connecticut has their Actuarial Diversity Scholarship program designed for minorities.

Other sources of actuarial scholarships

*The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is the largest professional organization committed to supporting their 22,000 plus actuary members worldwide, in the US and Canadian actuaries alike. They can help direct you to actuary student aid and scholarships grants. They are a tremendous resource to use for future actuaries.

*The International Association of Black Actuaries Foundation (IABA Foundation) has a scholarship program for undergraduates as well as graduate students alike.

*Pennsylvania State University has an Actuarial Science Club which offers various scholarships for actuarial science majors. Many other scholarships for actuarial science are listed here too which makes this a can’t miss place to look!!!

*The CAMAR Actuarial Scholarship awards (4) $2,500 to students studying actuary science.

*The Angus Robinson Jr. Memorial Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships for actuarial students of Risk Management, Insurance or Actuarial Science.

*Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment has an easy to apply actuary scholarship form you can quickly fill out on there website.

*There are many insurance companies that offer actuary scholarships like Mutual of Omaha. This makes sense because actuaries play a large role in their business modal since they are all about risk management.

Whether it’s colleges or companies offering these actuary awards they should all be similar on their criteria used to evaluate candidates as winners.