Actuarial Scholarships for Actuary Students

actuarial scholarships
Actuarial Scholarships for Actuary Students

Actuarial scholarships for actuary sciences can be a smart move for students undecided about a field of study, because this is on the top of the leaderboard for a career when it comes to job happiness and future job demand.

Many recent studies support this and it could be a career which only may get even better with more business’s today putting a greater emphasis on this type of risk analysis to insure a more secure and stable financial future.

What does an actuary do?

Actuaries try to figure out the odds or likelihood of events ocurring in the future by mathematically evaluating them. They try and figure out the extent of the outcomes, both emotionally and financially in order to minimize financial losses from insufferable events which occur out of no-where.

In short, they are financial risk assessors in uncertainty. By using mathematics, statistics, along with financial theory they can assess the risk that an event will occur.

This helps businesses create policies that reduce the cost of that risk. Insuarance companies and banks would be some places where acturaies would be in great demand.

Actuarial scholarships result in bright career futures!

Actuarial science scholarships can get you going in this direction of a brighter career future outlook upon graduating from college. It just may be when others can’t find a job you may be getting multiple job offers coming at you from all directions.

Swimming with the current is always much easier then going against it and actuary science scholarships will be doing exactly that for you. There should be less competition for these awards because this field of study is far removed from the highly visable and more popular degrees such as law, health or a business affiliated program such as marketing, management, advertising or accounting.

Actuary science scholarships insure immediate job offers!

A 2010 study by CareerCast determined that an actuary was the Number One job in the US by far! The study looked at many factors which determine total job satisfaction so it was not just measured by salary alone.

Actuarial science scholarships can throw you right in a job upon immediate graduation which you will be estatic about. It doesn’t get any better then that does it?

In fact it’s hard to belive that this job is that good isn’t it?

I guess you must like math and financial analysis first and foremost because if you don’t this job won’t be any fun to you whatsoever will it? If you want to go into the health profession where you are saving peoples lives, then an actuary scholarship may seem like a long and boring road for you.

Places which offer acturary scholarships

*The International Association of Black Actuaries Foundation (IABA Foundation) has many acturial science scholarships for ungraduates as well as graduate students.

*The Actuarial Foundation has many actuary student aid programs to consider as well.

*The ISFA has numerous awards given to actuary students yearly ranging anywhere from $500.00 to $5,000. Only having a 3.0 is good enough to apply for them too!

*The DW Simpson Actuarial Science Scholarship Program  has two deadlines, one in April  and the other for October. GPA’s of 3.0 are accepted with multiple $1,000  awards given out.

Actuarial scholarships from colleges

The Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship sponsored from the Actuarial Foundation through the University of the West Indies has programs to award students ‘who demonstrate a strong record of accomplishment, leadership qualities and a
commitment to becoming an actuary’. A $1,500 and a $2,500 award is given yearly.

Michigan State University has many actuarial scholarships for students who demonstrate an interest in the actuarial profession. A strong interst in mathematics is required.

The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania has MANY actuary science scholarships ranging from $500.00 UPWARDS TO $25K for undergradutes, Ph.D.’s and MBA’s for those majoring in acturial science and risk management and insurance.

University of Wisconsin‐Madison offers a $2,000 per year actuarial science scholarship up to four years for ‘good at math students’. March 1st is the yearly deadline.

Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students

Be an Actuary has programs designed specifically for minority students looking to become an actuary. Their Actuarial Diversity Scholarship encourages diversity with their yearly actuary student aid programs for Black or African American as well as Hispanic and Native North American students.

There are more and more actuarial college scholarships being offered from colleges as well as private organization so there won’t be a shortage of these awards to apply to. See which ones may be a good fit for you and then apply to them!

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Actuary scholarships for actuarial science students!